5-6th August 2022

educational fund for Franziska

Year: 2017

Value: € 1.000


Usually, we go for projects which are easily overlooked and/or individual cases which we share a personal connection with. And so it happened this time!


This little girl is called Franziska. Her aunt and uncle both volunteered several times at Lake on Fire and are good friends to us. Unfortunately, something very bad happened to her and her mother Lisi this autumn as their beloved father and husband lost his fight against cancer. Some colleagues of him had the idea of a fund for the future education of Franziska, so they set up an account for this purpose and handed out leaflets during the funeral with all the details on it. When we noticed that we could not help but participate financially with 1.000€ 
in this great idea.


We know that times could be rough, however, we hope that the support of all your relatives and friends will make things a little bit easier for both of you!