5-6th August 2022

Naturschutzbund: Beaver habitat at Draßmarkt | BGL

Year: 2019

Donation Value: € 1.000

Above the village of Draßmarkt in the Middle Burgenland, a large beaver family has been living for several years in the riparian forest, which has flooded the whole area with water through its dam construction activities. Some riparian plots are so waterlogged that it is very difficult to manage the forest. With our donation we would like to help acquire a part of one of these wetted alluvial plots so that the beaver family has a secure habitat there in the long term. Just how valuable the presence of beaver on the diversity of species in the riparian forest has become apparent after a few years: amphibians, dragonflies, birds, bats and fish-eating species such as egrets and otters find a new habitat here. We definitely want to preserve this diversity!

If you want to help: