5-6th August 2022


Festival ABC -

all infos you need to know about Lake on Fire in alphabetical order



Please find all details concerning arrival and departure



ATM/Cash machine

You’ll find the next ATM at the village centre reachable within five minutes walking distance.



If you want to have some barbecue at the campsite its fine with us. However, camp fires are strictly forbidden.


Bathing lake

Except the Nepomuk Lake and it’s floating stage there is a bigger lake with a wakeboard lift about 10 minutes walking distance from the venue and campsite. Please note that swimming at the bathing lake as well as at the Nepomuk Lake is at the visitor’s own risk.



There will be breakfast available at the Camping Shop from festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 11 a.m.


Camping & Parking

The Lake on Fire campsite is located at the “Strudengauer Messegelände” near the village centre. The parking area is next to the campsite. It's possible to park cars/vans/busses next to the tents, however there will be a fee of 15 €/vehicle. Parking at the parking area outside the campsite is of course free of charge. We are doing this in order to encourage our visitors to arrive via public transport, as our shuttle service from the railway station will be free of charge.

It takes around 5 minutes to walk up the venue and to the Nepomuk Lake and about 5 minutes to get to the village centre. The campsite will be opened from Thursday 4th August  6 p.m. to Sunday 7th August 1 p.m. If you arrive on Thursday please keep your tents within the marked camping areas.  Please keep the noise level low after 10 p.m. (i.e. no power generators, loud music, etc.) due to the campsite’s central location.


Camping Shop

You can buy cold and hot beverages like beer, water, coffee as well as breakfast for very reasonable prices. Furthermore, if you should need any kind of information our staff will be more than happy to help you out.



We use a cashless payment system which allows you to buy everything at Lake on Fire without using actual cash. This service is absolutely free of charge for the visitors and should simplify and speed up all transactions and ordering processes at LOF. It simply works by uploading your NFC chip woven in your wristband by cash/credit or maestro card.  You can withdraw the balance money which won't be needed anymore before the festival ends directly at the loading station or even afterwards by entering the code number of your wristband into the system's website eventportal.io. But be careful, we won't be liable for the loss of your wristband or NFC chip and the money which may be still deposited on it!



Please don’t bring your animal friends to the Lake on Fire Festival. Trust us, it will be too loud for them.



At the entry you’ll get your Lake on Fire wristbands. With the purchase of your Lake on Fire ticket you accept that we shall not be liable for any damages or injuries. Visitors will be responsible for their own actions. You can claim our general terms and conditions



First Aid

A lot of the Lake on Fire staff members have professional experience in first aid. If you get hurt please get in touch with us immediately.


Food & Beverages

We offer all kinds of vegan and non-vegan local foods like homemade burgers, pizzas, vegetarian wraps, Indian dal soup and several kinds of sweets like waffles and muffins as well as a broad range of alcoholic and alco-free beverages for very reasonable prices.



Visitors will get different garbage bags right upon arrival. Please consider that Lake on Fire is a "Green Festival" and separate your waste and put it in the respective waste containers at the campsite, thank you! Unless other festivals there won't be any extra fees concerning garbage or buying garbage bags.


Glass bottles

Please avoid bringing glass bottles to the campsite.


Green Event

The Lake on Fire is an official Klima Kultur Green Event.



Lost & Found

If you should have lost something during the festival please get in touch with us. We try our best to help you!



There will be a big merch market at the venue where both Lake on Fire and artist products will be sold.


Opening hours

Venue: Friday: 3 p.m. – 2 a.m. ; Saturday: 12 – 2 a.m.
Campsite: Thursday 6 p.m. – Sunday 1 p.m.


Power generators & loud music

As far as possible, please avoid the usage of power generators and loud music. Please keep to the nighttime peace between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Press accreditations

Contact us 



Shuttlebus Railway Station Amstetten

There will be an organized bus shuttle service from Amstetten railway station to the Lake on Fire Festival on Friday afternoon and back on Sunday morning/noon. This service is completely free of charge! There is no registration necessary!

Time schedule

Thursday: leaving at 15:10 from Amstetten train station bus terminal.

Friday: leaving  at 12:10 / 14:10 / 16:10 from Amstetten train station bus terminal.
Sunday: leaving at 9:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 from LOF campsite.




For your own good, please lock your valuables inside your car. Please note that we cannot be held liable for any thefts, damages or losses.



We never had such behaviour or things at our festival and we will do our utmost that it will stay this way. If you should be up for or connected to such matters, you fuckers better stay at home.


Volunteering @ Lake on Fire

You want to have an even more intense festival experience? Why not try to be part of the crew - contact us



Washing area

At the campsite you will find washing basins as well as water flushed toilets.


Youth protection

At Lake on Fires Festival the upper-austrian protection of young persons act is valid in it’s current version. See